Monday, May 23, 2016

Sugarcraft Flower Designs Class Bangalore

Sugar Craft Flower

Lilly ( Sugar Craft) Spray Gun 

Lillies in a Basket ( Practical Learning)

Orchid Flower and bud

At one point of time everyone is a beginner. And, from the point when the learning starts, you pick the basics, and then slowly with practice hrs, you slowly move from a novice to an expert. And, this is true with Sugar craft flower making.

I picked my sugar craft skills from two people - One is Joonie Tan, at Lavone, and another is Ashwini Joshi Sarabhai from Hyderabad. From both these classes, I picked the essentials of making flowers and other designs. Even after learning from the best two tutors, I'm still on the learning phase. One of the problem I face is that I'm not able to set aside a specific time for practice and learning. I conveniently blame for my busy class schedule, but deep within I know that's the lack of planning.

So, how do you go about advancing your skills? What's stopping you from learning to make sugarcraft themed wedding cakes? In case, you're looking for the beginner level class, then you can get in touch with me to schedule a class.

Feel free to reach me for your questions on sugarcraft icing lessons.



Saturday, May 21, 2016

Danish Cookies and Memories

My own Danish Cookies ( Not perfect, but very happy)

Freshly baked Danish cookies
Memory of Danish Cookies
I just can’t believe that I could make something which is so close to my heart. Danish butter cookies, which takes me back to my childhood.

I stayed in the boarding during my school days and always look forward to see my parents during vacation. And when my dad comes from Dubai, I had a big list of things which he promptly brings. My list starts off with Danish butter cookies, Quality Street Chocolates……

Danish Cookies - Gift & Giving Continues
After many years, when my brother first came down from Dubai he asked me want I want and again my list started off with Danish butter cookies and now every time when he comes down I will always get a box of same cookies without fail.

Today when I tried out baking Danish Butter Cookies myself for the first time, the smell, the taste which took me off to so many sweet moments in life. I could say that my first attempt was very much closer to the original Danish Butter Cookies.

And the best part is that I HAVE MADE IT !!!!!

Friday, May 20, 2016

2015 10K Run - Click, Click

Participants at 2015 10K Run in Bangalore 

Pose with Black Forest Cake - B'lore 

Chicken Liver on Toast - One of my av at Koshy's

Traffic cops overseeing the main city centre

Cop near Koshy's - Guardians of the city

Granite walls of HRC Bangalore

Hard Rock Cafe - Anil Kumble Circle

That's how I take a call in a noisy place

Poster on the wall - Theater scene 

Prayer time at St Antony's Shrine

St Patrick Church - Outside View

Inside St Patrick's Chruch

Coffee time at Koshy's

Koshy's Bangalore - Old world charm and more! 
One more black log post is now live. These are the pics taken during the 2015 10K run in Bangalore. Well, it's better late than never.

 I have tons of such memories and moments tucked in the picture folder, and most of the scenes haven't see the light of day. I mean, not posted on my blog or social media sites.

So, what's the use of not posting these pictures to the world. Probably, it will help me remember that time or moment of that day.

Well, let the picture tell a story.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Crepe Delight

Crepe ( Caramel Delight)
Crepe for breakfast

After a long dry and hot summer spell, the rain drenched Bangalore made use forget the sleepless summer night. So, for a change, I made crepe for breakfast. This time, I tried one stuffing - banana and caramel sauce.

How do you make crepe at home?
Like every other household I used a non-stick pan to make crepe at home. But now, I use the crepe maker. Thanks to my brother for gifting crepe maker for my b'day. When I started with the crepe maker, the wooden ladle was a bit of a problem. My hand wouldn't move the way I want. Sometimes, it would get struck and my batter would be uneven. Well, practice solved these little problems.

So, what about crepe recipe.

Earlier, my mom used to make crepe but it was called churul appam. It's crepe filled with coconut and sugar mix. Well, in our family, it was common to make this Indianised crepe for breakfast. 

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Baking Ingredient Store in Trivandrum City

The Baker's Walk ( Baking Store in Nanthencode)
It's more good news for home based bakers and baking professionals. We have another fabulous and customer friendly store in Trivandrum.

For a long time, I wished there was a store which is easily accessible to people living in and around the city centre. And that wish has come true with this baking store at Nanthencode junction. The people who run this store is very friendly and they can patiently answer your calls regarding the availability of any item or ingredient. This store has become my rescue for all my last minute purchases. Sometimes, I have called them around evening 8ish in the evening and rushed to pick few baking items for the next day's class.

Baking Ingredients, Tools Available at Bakers's Walk

1) Baking powder
2) Icing sugar
3) Fondant cutters and modelling tool kit
4) Baking trays and molds
5) Dry fruits
6) Cooking butter
7) Ready-to-use fondant
8) Packing box
9) Cochineal colour and other essence
10) Cupcake liners
11) Cream cheese ( check for the availability)
12) Chocolate bars ( Dark, milk and white)
13) Bread box
14) Sprinklers
15) Whipping cream
15) and more..

The Bakers's Walk
( Opposite to Watt's Lane)
Nanthencode, Trivandrum
Ph 0471 4000977
Store timing: 11:AM to 8:30:PM
Sunday Holiday

I wish them all success. They also conducting few demo lessons in icing for beginners. I hope Trivandrum folks will find this store useful to try out their baking experiments.