Saturday, April 21, 2018

Baking Ingredients Shopee Bangalore

Nature's Basket CMH Road Bangalore
Cream Cheese at Nature's Basket

Mascarpone Cheese 
Cream Cheese - Mooz Brand

Sour Cream at Nature's Basket

Butter, Cheese, Cheese Spread, 

Thursday, April 5, 2018

Wonder Chef Fest 2018 Event by Kitchens Of Trivandrum

Wonderchefs Season 1 
Ah!It's summer holiday! It's time to give kids a well deserved break after the exam and head to hill stations or water theme park.

And we got good news for bakeaholic people in Trivandrum!

 Wonderchefs Season 1 - brought by Kitchens of Trivandrum and CurryChatty.

It's an event of home-bakers's collective which showcases the best cakes, pastries and munchies by leading bakers in Trivandrum

Thanks to the organizing team and also part powered by the team of enthusiastic home bakers

Stains Trivandrum Baking Accessories

On a recent visit to Stains Trading at Attakunkara, East Fort , I was delighted to see new baking related items which I had intended to buy for a long time.

Three things on my wish list is - Kitchen Aid, One deck gas oven ( Berjaya) , and ice crusher.

So, as a baker what is there on your shopping list?

Berjaya Oven 
Berjaya Brochure

On my wishlist 

Stains Trivandrum
Cutters for Sugar Craft

Baking Tray - Aluminium Tins 

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Popular Fish Curry Recipes of Kerala

Meen Curry ( Kerala Fish Curry in Coconut Gravy)
Sardine fry

Sardine Red Curry

Sardine in Coconut Gravy 

Cleaning Sardine - First thing to learn!

Wonder how to make tasty fish preperation - the way it's made in Kerala?

If you think, making fish is only for seasoned homemakers or chef's or those with the born flair, then it's time to debunk those myths.

I have had many students in Bangalore and Triandrum, who had attended and gone back with the skill and techniques to recreate and make excellent fish curry. Many of these students are first timers and those who quickly want to boot their culinary skills.

Also, there are few girls who have attended the fish curry class just before their marriage, so that they acquire the confidence and knowledge to cook impressive dishes to their spouse.

I've many fish dishes in the repository. However, in each class, I cover around 4 dishes. These classes are also available online. So, don't worry, that you can't make it for the classroom training.

Few fish recipes covered:

  • Kottayam style fish curry
  • Meen Vatichathu
  • Meen mulakarachathu ( With kodampuli)
  • Fish Vindaloo ( With tuna) Trivandrum, St Andrew's ( Family Recipe)
  • Meen Peera ( Sardine is best)
  • Meen thoran
  • Fish barbecue
  • Fish in coconut gravy
  • Fish molly
  • Fish chilly ( Chinese dish)
  • Fish fingers ( Starters)
  • Fish with drumsticks ( raw mango)

  • Kappayum Meenum
  • (Fish Moilee
  • Kerala Fish Curry with Coconut Milk 
  • Nadan Meen Curry ( Trivandrum style)
  • Prawns dry roast
  • Prawns in coconut curry
  • Squid Toran ( Kalamari)
  • Poricha meen curry/ Fried fish in coconut milk
  • (Fish In Tamarind & Coconut Milk ( Spicy and tangy)
  • Fish head curry ( Sear fish) 
  • Crab curry
  • Learn to prepare mussles 
  • Fish mappas
Also, learn tips on how to clean fish and prepare them for making curry or fry. 

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Happy Birthday to my partner

Today is your day(7th Nov 2018) Biju Charles We pause THIS day, to celebrate YOU. Your birth. Your journey. Your life.
You believe in other people and truly want them to succeed and achieve their dreams.You always see the positive in both life situations and in people. You always give people ‘the benefit of the doubt.’ And your ‘glass’ is always half full.
Wishing you all the best in your new ventures. Happy Birthday my partner in life.