Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learn Eggless Baking

I get frequent call asking me for eggless cake baking classes. As most of my cakes are made with egg, I have to tell that I have eggless classes only once a month. So, who are the home bakers who takes eggless baking lessons in Bangalore? I bet there're many, but I could find only two people on google search.

So, here're the list of places where you can learn eggless baking.:

1) Cook and Bake with Deepali http://www.deepalisawant.com/)

Deepali's Cooking Class ( Sarjapur)

2) Manju's Cooking Class ( Manju's Cooking Class)

Maju's Cooking Class ( R T Nagar)


Aroma of Fresh Loaf in a Railway Station

Recently, I started travelling by Kochu Veli Express, instead of the green Garib Rath Train from Kochu Veli, Trivandrum. One reason I switched is that it reaches B'lore earlier than Garib Rath. Moreover,  Kochu Veli stops at Cantonment station, where it's easier to reach the entrance of the station. Also, hiring cabs ( Ola) or the pre-paid counter is right at the entrance.

Charming Cantonment Station 

One thing I noticed about the Cantonment Station is this - it's a feel good station with lots of granite arches, wood work, etc. Probably, this station has retained a part of the old colonial structure. Apart from these charming pillars, I love one more thing in this station - the bakery unit.

Bakery World - At Cantonment Railway Station
I don't know if you have noticed this bakery unit in this station. It's located right on the way to the platform and it's hard to miss it. There's a glass window from where you can see the inside part of the bakery.

If you take some time to peek inside, the first thing you will see is the big oven with all the temp dials of the fixed oven, the super size mixing bowl ( big brother of kitchen aid ) and the metal racks where bread loaf is kept for baking.

I don't know if any other railways station has such a bakery unit and I wish every station comes with such kind of modern baking unit.

So, next time you visit Cantonment station, take a sec to observe the life inside the bakery. If possible buy a loaf from this bakery. .

Subh Yatra!
Bakery World ( Bakery in Cantonment Station)

Peek inside the bakery 

Pic Collage  ( Bakery inside a railway station)

Cantonment Station ( People moving towards the entrance)

Weekend Baking Class in Bangalore

Cupcake session ( 16/7/16, 10:AM to 1:PM)

Oh, another weekend is coming near. As we approach this two-day break time, we have many questions running in our head. Often, we ask ourselves this question...
What shall I do different this weekend?

 For most people working in corporate jobs, weekend is the only time they get to take a break from the hectic work. It's also a time to indulge in a hobby or pastime or spend time with the family.

In case, you're looking for baking or cake decoration or cooking lessons around Domlur, Bangalore, then here're the classes lined up for this weekend.

Friday (15/7/16) 10:AM to 1:PM

Blackforest and Pineapple Pastry

Saturday ( 16/7/16) 10:AM to 1:PM

Cupcakes for beginners ( Learn 5 types of cupcakes and a basic icing)
Gain a strong foundation in baking by learning the basics.
Cupcakes ( Saturday 10:AM to 1:PM)

2:30 PM to 6:PM
Bread Class for Beginners
Bread Class ( Learn 5 types of bread) on Saturday afternoon 2:30 to 6:PM
5 Cakes and 5 icing ( 1 day Workshop on 17/7/16)

1 day Workshop where you'll learn 5 cakes and 5 Icing
Timing: 10:AM to 5:PM

For details of classes, please call at 9379398865 or 8861389165

( Weekend is also the time to stock your kitchen with baking and cooking ingredients. Here're the list of shops in Bangalore, selling baking accessories and ingredients)

Monday, May 23, 2016

Sugarcraft Flower Designs Class Bangalore

Sugar Craft Flower

Lilly ( Sugar Craft) Spray Gun 

Lillies in a Basket ( Practical Learning)

Orchid Flower and bud

Often I wonder how a person becomes an expert or achieves a commendable change. We often look with disbelief and wonder when we see a person with mediocre skills transforms to a superstar right in front of our eyes.

Well, in most cases, we don't see the behind-scene hard work  - daily hours of practice, or the time taken to polish a skill, etc.

Problem with the majority of folks (like me) is this - we give-up half-way or when we hit the first dip.

So, how much time should we spend to develop a skill. Well, according to Malcolm Gladwell, author of the book Outliners, an average person require 10,000 hours of dedicated practice to become an expert. Well, 10,000 looks like a mammoth size number for a person like me who can't stay still for 1 hr at a stretch. So, what's the next option.

Here's a blog post I read recently on how to learn anything faster. Apart from practicing your skill, keep reading blogs on topics that interest you ( culinary to gardening to flower arrangement, etc)

Sugarcraft - Art of creating lifelike Flowers
Just like any skill, you can become a master in sugarcraft. If you read the above mentioned article, you know what it takes to develop this skills. And, just like any art, it's equally true with Sugar craft flower making.

I picked my sugar craft skills by learning from two experts in this field - Joonie Tan, at Lavone, and Ashwini Joshi Sarabhai from Hyderabad. I feel a good teacher or mentor makes learning easier, faster, and more organized.

Can't I learn by watching Youtube Videos
Yes, you can. I know many you've mastered skills from online resources. But, there are many, who have acquired half-baked or often misleading information by reading recipe's online or watching Youtube videos.Often I feel is that in some blogs and videos, the maker doesn't explain certain steps and this can cause confusion. Also, don't believe everything you see or read on the Internet. Try to read more on the topic from different sources..

Honing Sugarcraft Skills 
Though I had the best two tutors from whom I learned sugarcraft, I feel that I'm far from being an expert. One of the problem I face is insufficient practice time. As usual, I conveniently blame my busy class schedule for not practicing. But deep within I know that I need to plan my time.

So, how do you go about advancing your skills? What's stopping you from learning to make sugarcraft themed wedding cakes?

In case, you're looking for the beginner level class in Sugar craft, then you can contact me to know the topics covered.

Also, feel free to reach me for your questions on sugarcraft icing lessons.



P.S: If you're looking for shops selling sugarcraft material in Bangalore, then check with New Arif, or IBCA, etc. 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Danish Cookies and Memories

My own Danish Cookies ( Not perfect, but very happy)

Freshly baked Danish cookies
Memory of Danish Cookies
I just can’t believe that I could make something which is so close to my heart. Danish butter cookies, which takes me back to my childhood.

I stayed in the boarding during my school days and always look forward to see my parents during vacation. And when my dad comes from Dubai, I had a big list of things which he promptly brings. My list starts off with Danish butter cookies, Quality Street Chocolates……

Danish Cookies - Gift & Giving Continues
After many years, when my brother first came down from Dubai he asked me want I want and again my list started off with Danish butter cookies and now every time when he comes down I will always get a box of same cookies without fail.

Today when I tried out baking Danish Butter Cookies myself for the first time, the smell, the taste which took me off to so many sweet moments in life. I could say that my first attempt was very much closer to the original Danish Butter Cookies.

And the best part is that I HAVE MADE IT !!!!!