Tuesday, January 19, 2016

5 am Club -Robin Sharma

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Food Trucks at Bangalore City

This is a new scene in Bangalore City at 80ft road during evening time, there are food trucks parked in line. This has been a growing industry over the past few months, and rightfully so. Good news is that both already existing restaurants and first time entrepreneurs are opening up a food truck. The food sold at this food trucks in Bangalore are mostly aimed at city dwellers looking for a quick grub.

Probably, they can include food truck with exotic food or new varieties like: egg special ( imagine a truck with egg design), a tandoor food truck ( hot chicken tandoor) , organic food, sandwiches, Coorgi food (pandi curry and sanas) , Mangalore cuisine ( crab roast, neer dosa), meat grills, all variety of steamed food ( tapioca, and other roots), libido boosting food, chocolate delicacies, fish varieties ( better be fresh), spicy Andhra cuisine, North East delicacies, etc.  

Looking forward to many more food trucks

S W AT Food Truck

Inside View of Food Truck

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Monday, January 18, 2016

Gooey Chocolate Mud Cake

Full mud cake
Mud Cake - Full Frame Pic

Recipe to make Gooey Chocolate Cake
Part of Mud Cake in Focus

Slice of Mud Cake
Slice of Mud Cake

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Bake Pray Love

The Fathima orphanage, Tumba, Trivandrum will be a solace to these orphaned, abandoned and vulnerable children. They take girl children and provide them with shelter, food, education and training until they reach the age of eighteen years.
The home targets to support 25 children at one time. The children will be accommodated and attend school in the neighborhoods.
The mother of this orphanage was so happy when the Rotary club, Kazhakuttom approached her to train these young girls the basic of baking. I am so happy that I was able to give this young girls the feel of baking and icing and looking forward to train them more professionally in future.
Thanks to my cousin Roynold Joseph Gomez and Rina Roynold Gomez who helped me to organize this event
I am so content and happy as we wind up 2015 with this remarkable and unforgettable event at this orphanage and looking forward to another wonderful 2016.
baking Class in Orphanage
Introduction to Baking
Happy New year 2016 to all of you and wishing you all Good Health and Peace. 

teach baking to orphan girls
Baking Class in Progress

Baking for school kids
Me with the Baking Budding

baking lesson in progress
Baking Activity Time 

Baking Lesson in an Orphanage in Thumba
Group Activity - Everyone Played a role

New year - 2016

New year, New look, New start of the day... Looking forward to another wonderful 365 days.
Pose at Kovalam, with lighthouse view


Same Spot - meeee
Let me share few goals I long to achieve in this year:

1) Experience. ( Do you blog? If not, give it a start.)
2) Make practical use of recipe books, which are bought and unused. ( How many recopies did you try from the cook book you bought last year?)
3) Conduct more baking classes in orphanages and for underprivileged children. ( Share your knowledge - I hope you'll share more.)
4) Expert!!! Practice and train to be a specialist. ( Be a Champion in your turf)
5) Finally, plan and organize. ( It's a lifelong goal for all of us)
So, what's your vision for 2016?