Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rich Palette and Seafood Delicacies of Kerala

Appam and Stew and more
Online Fish Curry Lessons
If you ask me what's t my fav of all Kerala dishes, the it's not going to one answer. With so much variety in food brought in by different influences and culture, Kerala's food platette is as diverse as the people.

Kerala culinary spread will take anyone through the diverse food taste which are in all forms and flavors. The wide choice are a plenty - from fish varieties, meat dishes, vegetables, dessert (payasam) and unique snacks.

From Austria with Love

I always love to write letters and receive letters. We have lost that art now.
Two days back the postman knocked at my door and handed over a cover and it says from Austria. I was surprised to receive a letter from Claudia Mitterer who had come to me around 3 years back for Indian cooking class. Had a lovely two days cooking class with her along with her husband. Stefan owns a bakery in Austria and was checking with them about the Breads they bake.
Now the letter which I received from them is something which I will cherish my whole life . They have remembered me so well that I was touched by her words and was close to tears when I read it.
I also received lot of notes with regard to bread baking which for sure will make me improve myself. Thanks for the cookie cutter too.
Love to both of you

Letter and Cookie Cutter
From Austria with Love

Monday, September 25, 2017

To Fish With Love

Every fish curry has a story to tell. Well, a story about the fish, the catch, it's journey and the hands that made it.

When I landed in Bangalore from Hyderabad, I was never a fish lover. I was more at home with rice and pappu charu or just a coconut chamandi, white rice and omelette.

But then, things slowly began to change after I tied the nuptial knot with a fishy person who's hell bend on having fish everyday irrespective of the time. Well, fishy is the least I can call this maverick who wants fish for breakfast to dinner. Here an earlier post on sardine cleaning which he does without any complain, neither do I have.

At first I found it odd, a bit repulsive of the smell of fish early in the morning....but as most things in life, we get conditioned, I too fell into the fishy trap. I started liking fish, especially sea fish. Initially I didn't know if the fish is fresh but now by the look of its while flesh and taste I know a fresh catch on my table and I thank for it!

Fish Molly made on a traditional clay pot 

Ladies Selling dried fish in front of Nagapattanam Railway station

What about fish can kappa?

Fish at Kumarapuram junction, Trivandrum

Fish molly and bread ( aahh)

Sear fish in coconut gravy ( Ecstasy for Keralites)

Boiled rice, two fish curry and moru curry 
Fish Ready

It's Ayala ( Mackeral)

Happy Feet Macaron

French Macaron at Trivandrum
Ask anyone who've tried making French Macaron about their first attempts.... Well, there's are many a reason this this tricky recipe can go wrong, esp on the first or the second attempt. When I learned French Macaron, I came back with all the confidence to crack it in the first attempt. But, it took me many, many more attempts to see sight of feet and prefect looking ones. 

These are the problems many face in the making process

No feet forming 
Not getting stiff peak consistency
Batter goes runny
Crack on the shell
Hollow shell 

Btw, what problems did you face? And let me know how you overcame?

Here're few things I learned in the process. One is about checking the temperature inside the oven. I keep an oven thermometer to constantly keep an eye on the heat. Too much or too less is one reason to make it go wrong. Btw don't always believe on what you see on the dial of your OTG.

Apart from this, here's a good resource on French Macaron troubleshooting. Check it out!

Sun Drying Baking Pans

What's left after a baking class?

Dozens of baking tins, spatulas, and many many measuring spoons and cups. The main work behind each class is not the session, it's the pre and post class works.  All the baking tutors know about this and has a one point of time done a lot of washing, and drying.

This is the pic of my backyard where all the baking tins are kept for sun drying. I would like to see and know how you manage to clean the mess after the class.

Backyard in Trivandrum ( Baking tray, bowl and tins)