Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Smart Marketing Tactic!

Marketing Tactic - Similar Packaging
Some brand shine, few out shine many other brands and in some cases there are trendsetter brands who carve a niche market from nothing. In this realm, I feel ID brand falls in the category of innovation, and quality.

For a long time, I have been a loyal customer of ID idly batter. I've seen how they have changed their packaging from a ordinary looking one to a more polished brand.

Today, the company has introduced new varieties in the market -  Kerala Parotta, Wheat Parotta, etc. While it has grown it's biz volume, it has also attracted more competition.

Sometime last week, I went out late in the evening to buy few things remaining in the shopping list. The last item required was idly batter. I rushed to a near by shop and picked one and rushed into the waiting auto. When I reached home I realized that I picked a different brand and it was not ID brand.

It's apparent that some savvy marketing guys must have cloned the cover. And it made me wonder how customers are influenced by the color, font and packaging. 


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