Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Learn Eggless Baking

I get frequent call from individuals in Bangalore asking me for eggless cake baking classes. As most of my cakes are made with egg, I have to tell that I have eggless classes only once a month. This made me look around for those who have regular eggless bakes and cooking sessions in Bangalore.

So, this is what I found. Here are the list of popular bakers who conduct eggless bakes in regular intervals.:

1) Cook and Bake with Deepali http://www.deepalisawant.com/)

Deepali's Cooking Class ( Sarjapur)

A treat and numerous choices for individuals looking for eggless bakes, Deepali Sawant's class covers popular baking lessons and seasonal treats. Visit her website to browse through the classes offered by her. 

2) Manju's Cooking Class ( Manju's Cooking Class)

Manju's Cooking Class ( R T Nagar)
Located at RT Nagar, Manju's Cooking class has a wide assortment of cakes, cooking and short-eats. Visit her website for the upcoming class and information on other bakes and cooking classes..

3) YummyWhipsByVaishali ( https://www.facebook.com/YummyWhipsByVaishali/)

Eggless Bakes & Fondant Creations by Vaishalii

This baker specializes in eggless bakes, pastries and fondant cakes. She also takes orders in Fondant cakes for b'days and other occasions. This place is located at Basaveshwaranagar, 8th main. Contact # 9886320404 for class details or to enquire fondant b'day cakes, etc.

Aroma of Fresh Loaf in a Railway Station

Recently, I started travelling by Kochu Veli Express, instead of the green Garib Rath Train from Kochu Veli, Trivandrum. One reason I switched is that it reaches B'lore earlier than Garib Rath. Moreover,  Kochu Veli stops at Cantonment station, where it's easier to reach the entrance of the station. Also, hiring cabs ( Ola) or the pre-paid counter is right at the entrance.

Charming Cantonment Station 

One thing I noticed about the Cantonment Station is this - it's a feel good station with lots of granite arches, wood work, etc. Probably, this station has retained a part of the old colonial structure. Apart from these charming pillars, I love one more thing in this station - the bakery unit.

Bakery World - At Cantonment Railway Station
I don't know if you have noticed this bakery unit in this station. It's located right on the way to the platform and it's hard to miss it. There's a glass window from where you can see the inside part of the bakery.

If you take some time to peek inside, the first thing you will see is the big oven with all the temp dials of the fixed oven, the super size mixing bowl ( big brother of kitchen aid ) and the metal racks where bread loaf is kept for baking.

I don't know if any other railways station has such a bakery unit and I wish every station comes with such kind of modern baking unit.

So, next time you visit Cantonment station, take a sec to observe the life inside the bakery. If possible buy a loaf from this bakery. .

Subh Yatra!
Bakery World ( Bakery in Cantonment Station)

Peek inside the bakery 

Pic Collage  ( Bakery inside a railway station)

Cantonment Station ( People moving towards the entrance)

New Bakes This Week!

Welcome New Year - 2017 with fantastic bakes and Icing

Hello Enthusiastic Bakers!

It's almost time to turn the Feb calendar and it's time to do learn and develop new skills before we march to May.

This weekend, I have three classes designed for beginners and those looking to improve their baking endevour. .

Pls scroll down to view the class details from 25/2/17 to 28/2/17 :

Bread Class for beginners Date: Feb 25/2//17 ( 10:AM to 1:PM)
( Learn 5 types of bread in this 3 hr session:

1) Milk Bread/Multi-grain Bread
2) Buns
3) Dinner rolls
4) Cinnamon rolls
5) Stuffed buns

Fee Rs 1,800

Bread Lesson for Beginners ( 25/2/17)

2:30 to 6:PM
Eggless Baking
( Learn to bake Vanilla Cake, Chocolate Cake and Vanilla Cupcake)
Fee Rs 1,400

Fondant Icing ( Cake decoration class) 
Date: 26/2/17

Gain confidence and skill to decorate the cake based on the theme. This class is for freshers who are looking to venture into the beautiful world of cake decoration.

In this 4 hr class, you'll learn to:
  1. Make fondant icing from scratch
  2. Color fondant icing
  3. Prepare the cake - Learn ganache
  4. Spread the fondant on cake
  5. Make designs as per the theme
  6. Make a figurine 
  7. And finally decorated the cake as per the theme 
And, don't forget to carry the decorated cake with you!

In this class, you'll be given a cake and a fondant modeling tool kit, which you can carry with you.

Fondant - Themed cake ( 26/2/17)

Fondant for beginners 

For details of classes, please call at 9379398865 or 8861389165

( Weekend is also the time to stock your kitchen with baking and cooking ingredients. Here're the list of shops in Bangalore, selling baking accessories and ingredients)